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Camp Gear List (Winter Camp)

We will be spending a majority of our time outdoors, please send warm clothing and rain/snow gear, you will need it! Please Label everything and arrive in your cub uniform.

[ ] Warm rain jacket or snow jacket and sweater/fleece
[ ] Water proof hiking boots or snow boots and a spare pair of shoes.
[ ] Indoor shoes/slippers
[ ] Rain/snow pants
[ ] Thermal underwear
[ ] 2 toques (night/day) (very important)
[ ] Warm gloves or mittens (2 pairs)
[ ] Toothbrush/toothpaste/soap/small towel
[ ] Hand sanitizer {Purell or like in small bottle}
[ ] Plastic bag for wet/dirty clothes
[ ] Flashlight with spare batteries
[ ] Warm Sleeping Bag rated to -5c or lower
[ ] Foamy or self inflating mattress
[ ] Dishes- plate, knife, spoon, fork and mug and mesh dish bag

These items in addition to what you are wearing
[ ] 3-4 shirts
[ ] 2 warm sweaters or sweatshirts
[ ] 2-3 pair pants (not jeans)
[ ] 4-6 pairs winter (wool or thermal) socks
[ ] 3-4 underwear
[ ] campfire blanket (optional)

[ ] Medications (Please talk to a leader regarding doses/use)

All items must be packed in or on a backpack (no suit cases or plastic bags). Sleeping bags should be in stuff sacks and attached to the backpack. Please allow youth to pack their own packs as at camp they will have to know where things are located.

No electronic equipment other than flashlights will be allowed. Stuffed animals and other personal items are discouraged.

All youth attending camp must provide cellular/home contact numbers for guardians who will be contactable during the entire duration of the camp