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Generic Camp Gear List

Youth travel to and from camp in uniform!

We will be spending our entire time outdoors, so please bring warm clothing, boots, and rain gear, because you will need it!

Please label everything!

Extra clothing is a must; if your things get wet, they will stay wet!

[ ] warm jacket
[ ] rain gear
[ ] water proof hiking boots or a spare pair of shoes
[ ] gloves for winter camps
[ ] 2 warm hat or toques (one for daytime use, and one for sleeping)
[ ] warm sleeping bag (zero degrees)
[ ] optional blanket liner
[ ] foamy for under sleeping bag
[ ] campfire blanket if you have one (or spare blanket)
[ ] flashlight with spare batteries
[ ] cup, bowl, plate and cutlery in a mesh bag
[ ] personal care items: toothbrush/soap/towel
[ ] hand sanitizer (Purell or like in small bottle)
[ ] plastic bags for gross camp clothes

These items in addition to what you are wearing:

[ ] 1 or 2 shirts
[ ] 1 warm sweater or sweatshirt
[ ] 1 pair pants (2?)
[ ] 3 or 4 pairs of socks
[ ] underwear ( long underwear? )
[ ] PJs (warm please – jogging pants?)

Sturdy duffel bag or back pack, please – no trash bag or suitcase packing!

Remember, you will be carrying not only your own gear as listed here, but also your tent, and your share of the group gear, such as food and cooking utensils.