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Apple Day at the Bay

We are holding our annual apple day sale Saturday, October 17. This is a great opportunity for our Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Ventures, and Rovers to working together in a fun event that will both raise money to fund this year’s programming and enhance our group’s profile in the community.

Everyone who takes part will receive an apple day 2015 crest for their campfire blanket. We hope you plan to take part!

Please sign up for one or more hour-long shifts at one of the three entrances to The Bay in Coquitlam Centre. Your section scouter has a blank schedule. We need a responsible parent or scouter on each shift as well.

On the day, we ask that you:

  • Show up at least five or 10 minutes early for your shift;
  • Wear your full uniform, pressed and neat;
  • Be ready to be polite, helpful, hold the doors open for shoppers, and smile;
  • Be sure to sign in so we know who should receive a crest;

Please approach shoppers nicely, asking something like “Please have an apple. Would you like to make a donation to the 10th Coquitlam Scouts in order to support programs like camping?” Don’t block the doors or follow people.

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